David Mayer

FIRMWARE ENGINEER/ANALYST/DESIGNER - SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Over twelve years of experience with firmware engineering, analyzing requirements, designing, and implementing.

Performed the initial phases, and oversaw the subsequent phases, of the firmware engineering lifecycle; communicated interdepartmentally; documented the Software Requirements Specification, Architecture Design Description, and Detailed Design Descriptions; led a team of firmware engineers through implementation; and provided the independent testers with the documentation needed for them to perform their function.  I always made sure that all of the adjunct documentation (e.g., result code table, hazards analysis report, use-case descriptions) was well-written and organized.  Where official government auditing and approval was required (for medical and military systems), approval was always acquired with the first release.  All users of the various firmware systems I have analyzed and designed, including medical technicians, military personnel, and ordinary users, have expressed their personal approval of the firmware, citing its simple, clear organization and reliable operation as ideal. My major strengths include: very well-organized; enjoy working with non-software personnel; understand all of the firmware issues; understand electronics and mechanics very well (from the 12 previous years’ experience as an electronics technician); can write well.

B.S. Computer Science, San José State University, California.

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